Placement Tool

This tool will help you determine which workbook you should start your student(s) on

The Placement Tool should be used to find the appropriate STARTING POINT for your student(s) in the following learning stages ONLY:

  • Kindergarten Stage
  • Lower Primary School Stage
  • Upper Primary School Stage
  • Junior Secondary School Stage
  • Senior Secondary School Stage

Depending on student age, the tool will ask you between 2 and 4 questions and should take no longer than 5-10 seconds to complete.

If you are using the tool for a small group or class of students, then you should try to answer questions with the class average in mind.

If you need to use the tool multiple times, just press the ‘Start again’ button to refresh it. There is no limit on the amount of times you can use the tool.

Please note that Levels 1-14 have 36 workbooks, while Level 15 has 8 workbooks. Use the table to the right to work out which book is 6 workbooks higher or lower in the sequence.

  • We recommend that you start the student on the book suggested by the tool.
  • If the student finds the workbook too easy, then start them 6 books higher in the sequence (i.e Level 4, Book 32 > Level 5, Book 2).
  • If the student finds the workbook too challenging, then start them on a workbook that is 6 books lower in the sequence (i.e Book 18 > Book 12).