The Best ESL Teaching Solution

21 Years of Success. Always Improving. Constantly Updated.

21 Years of Success. Taught 1 million times.

The award-winning RTL English System is loved by Teachers, Students, and Parents around the world.

Save Time & Hassle

You don't need to prepare anything for your RTL English lessons, as we've already created carefully planned step-by-step lessons, worksheets, & teaching resources.

US$2m Dev Costs

RTL English has spent more than US$2 million developing & refining a successful, proven & research-based English programme.

15 Years of Resources

Our system provides 15 years of teaching materials, including 500+ done-for-you lessons, & 3500 worksheets and exercises that teach up to 500 high-frequency words.

ESL & Native Speakers

Our system is based upon a holistic but highly structured Theory-Practice-Reflection methodology designed to teach children who learn English as first or second language.

Award Winning Syllabus

Our award winning syllabus teaches all the communicative functions and language forms that students need to achieve success at school and international language exams.

Supports Schools Worldwide

Our system supports learning at schools worldwide. It's been levelled against Reading Frameworks & aligned with the European Common Framework for Languages.

Easy to teach

No need to plan. No preparation required.

The RTL English System is carefully structured and has been developed and refined over 21 years. It is a proven, research-based English teaching and learning system. It is based upon a holistic but highly structured Theory-Practice-Reflection Methodology designed to teach English to children who use it as a first or second language.

The RTL English System provides 15 years of learning, has well-defined goals, is leveled against global Reading Frameworks and is aligned with the European Common Framework for Languages.

The RTL English System can be taught to all class sizes at Kindergarten (pre-School, Nursery), Elementary School, Primary School, Secondary School, and High School. It can also be taught 1-on-1 in after school setting. It is easy to teach and requires no lesson creation or planning by the teacher.

  1. Log-in into the Membership area
  2. Print the next workbook in the sequence & hand it out to students
  3. Each workbook contains 6 worksheet pages of instructional content and 1 reinforcement exercise page for the student to complete. Typically, (depending on student age) each page of the workbook will teach a different skill (phonics, reading, grammar, comprehension, creative writing etc.) so that during the lesson the student builds & practises their whole language skills.
  4. Simply follow the step-by-step teaching instructions to lead your students through each page of the workbook to complete the lesson.
  5. Ask the students to complete the Achievement Exercise on page 7. Make corrections in the lesson or later, and enter a very brief assessment of their progress in the lesson into a Student Report - optional
  6. Send the completed workbook to parents - optional.
  7. Issue parents with a monthly/yearly Student Progress Report - optional.
  8. Issue the student with a yearly (end of a level) Certificate - optional.
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