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Our system provides 15 years of teaching materials, including 600+ done-for-you lessons, & 4000 worksheets and exercises that teach up to 1,000 high-frequency words.

ESL & Native Speakers

Our system is based upon a holistic but highly structured Theory-Practice-Reflection methodology designed to teach children who learn English as first or second language.

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Our award winning syllabus teaches all the communicative functions and language forms that students need to achieve success at school and international language exams.

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Our system supports learning at schools worldwide. It's been levelled against Reading Frameworks & aligned with the European Common Framework for Languages.

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The RTL English System is carefully structured and has been developed and refined over 21 years. It is a proven, research-based English teaching and learning system. It is based upon a holistic but highly structured Theory-Practice-Reflection Methodology designed to teach English to children who use it as a first or second language. It helps children that need to catch up & challenges more advanced students
The RTL English System provides 15 years of learning, has well-defined goals, is leveled against global Reading Frameworks and is aligned with the European Common Framework for Languages.
The objectives of the RTL English System are logically clustered into a sequence of 600 lessons. The content of each lesson is determined by an 8 page student workbook. Teachers use these books to lead their class through the programme hierarchy so that their students reach higher level goals. Each workbook has been developed with a specific outcome in mind. Lessons scaffold and build the instruction of each subsequent lesson upon the learning of earlier lessons. Teachers follow detailed teaching instructions on each page of the book & ensure that their students complete the book within 60 minutes. Each workbook groups together reading, writing, speaking, and listening units into a comprehensive lesson which enables students to develop & practise their whole language skills.The RTL English System can be taught to all class sizes at Kindergarten (pre-School, Nursery), Elementary School, Primary School, Secondary School, and High School. It can also be taught 1-on-1 in after school setting.