We Teach English To Children

Unique System. 1 Million Lessons Taught. 22 Years of Success. Tutors Worldwide.


RTL ENGLISH helps children succeed in English at school, in exams & beyond.

RTL ENGLISH is a leading English language learning organisation recognised around the world for its award-winning and proven method of teaching English to children aged 3 to 18 years old.

For over 22 years RTL ENGLISH has been taught in tutorial centres, after-school clubs, kindergartens and schools both as part of the curriculum and as an supplementary activity to tens of thousands of children around the world.


Every day RTL ENGLISH is taught around the world. In fact, RTL ENGLISH:

  • ... has been taught more than 1 million times
  • ... is a unique method of learning, that’s been proven over 22 years
  • ... is an award-winning teaching system
  • ... has been taught around the world to 10000's
  • ... helps children who use English as a first or second language
  • ... helps children who need to catch up & challenges more advanced students
  • ... is suitable for children in Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary Schools
  • ... links to and supports national curricula worldwide

How RTL ENGLISH Can Help Your Child

Whatever your child's age or English language ability, there is sure to be an RTL ENGLISH course that will help your child learn or improve their English. This is because our curriculum provides 15 years of learning for children aged 3 to 18 years old and teaches all the communicative functions and language forms your child will need to have a richer, more successful educational experience.

RTL ENGLISH will also supplement your child's learning at their school. In fact, RTL ENGLISH supports learning at schools worldwide and supports the English language requirements of the National Curricula in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong SAR & many other countries. It will also holistically prepare your child for Cambridge University’s Young Learner Tests, as well as KETS, PETS, FCE, CAE, IELTS, and Trinity College London's suite of English language tests.

Unique System. 1 Million Lessons. 22 Years of Success. Tutors Worldwide.

The award-winning RTL ENGLISH System is loved by Parents, Tutors & Students around the world.

Award-Winning Curriculum

Our award winning curriculum teaches all the communicative functions and language forms that students need to achieve success at school and international language exams.

22 Years of Success

With 22 years of research, development, & experience teaching English to children RTL ENGLISH is committed to offering the best possible English language education.

15 Years of English Courses

Our system provides 15 years of teaching materials, including 512 lessons, comprised of 3500 worksheets and exercises that teach up to 1,000 high-frequency words.

Trained & Authorised Tutors

RTL ENGLISH, and its faculty of trained and authorised tutors offer you the security & reassurance of a well-regarded and award-winning global brand.

Supports Schools Worldwide

Our system supports learning at schools worldwide. It's been levelled against Reading Frameworks & aligned with the European Common Framework for Languages.

US$3m Programme

The RTL ENGLISH Curriculum is a research-based US$3 million programme that's been developed & refined over 22 years of live classroom use, testing and reporting.