About Level 12

  1. Level 12 is suitable for children aged 14-15 years old.
  2. It enables you to download 36 step-by-step workbooks, comprised of more than 250 worksheets and 1000 teaching notes.
  3. It saves up to 125 days of lesson preparation time.
  4. Its lessons can be taught during the school day, or at home / tutorial centre after school and it is suitable for students who speak English as a first or second language.
  5. It supports learning at schools worldwide, and helps to prepare students for international examinations.

  6. It offers carefully structured step-by-step teaching and learning proven over 21 years.
  7. It teaches everything that students need to succeed in English at school, university and beyond!

Easy-to-teach Syllabus

What Your Purchase Gives You

  • A ready-made bundle of 36 proven, step-by-step English lessons.
  • The bundle includes 36 student workbooks that are comprised of more than 250 worksheets and 1000 teaching notes.
  • The workbooks are easy-to-teach, and suitable for teachers, tutors, parents or homeschool.
  • No lesson planning or preparation is required before teaching - just download, print & teach.
  • When you use this level, you'll save up to 125 days of lesson planning & preparation time.
  • So, for less than a cup of coffee you'll get a step-by-step printable workbook that can be downloaded & used over and over again to teach your students!
About the workbooks:
  1. Each of the 36 workbooks in this level provide 1 hour of learning and consist of six worksheets of instructional content and one reinforcement exercise page. Although the workbooks follow a similar format, each one is slightly more challenging than the last in the sequence.
  2. Each page of a workbook contains teaching notes to enable you to guide and lead your students through a variety of learning activities.
  3. Depending on student age and their English skills, instruction typically consists of a variety of activities including speaking, listening, letter-sound correspondence, sight words, guided oral reading, text comprehension, creative writing, grammar and critical thinking. Each lesson is accompanied by a workbook follows a similar plan:
    • Page 1 :: Communication/Discussion/Topic orientated
    • Page 2 :: Grammar/Language
    • Page 3 :: Phonics/Vocabulary
    • Page 4 :: Reading(Ongoing Story)
    • Page 5 :: Story Comprehension/Language
    • Page 6 :: Grammar/Language Exercise
    • Page 7 :: Achievement Exercise / Assessment

  4. Once your students have finished this lesson, record their achievements in their progress report book and then simply print the next workbook in the sequence. You might wish to send the student's workbook home to their parents at the end of the lesson.

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