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Level 1 - RTL English Curriculum

1 Year Teacher License. Renews annually. Subject to T&Cs at

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RTL English Workbooks

  • An RTL English workbook provides one hour of learning and consists of six worksheets of instructional content and one reinforcement exercise page. Although all of our workbooks follow a similar format, each one is slightly more challenging than the last in the sequence. As a result, your students will be able to advance in small manageable steps and acquire English language skills that last them a lifetime.
  • You don't need to prepare anything or create teaching materials for an RTL English lesson. It's all been done for you. The lesson should last for around an hour, and each page of this workbook contains teaching notes to enable you to guide and lead your students through the variety of learning activities.
  • Once your students have finished this lesson, record their achievements in their progress report book and then simply print the next workbook in the sequence. Please feel free to send the student's workbook home to their parents at the end of the lesson.